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34 SUMMER 2018 SchoolArts D id you know that colored glass pieces and glass nuggets can be melted on clay in the kiln at the same temperature as your regular glaze firing? After learning this, my students and I experimented with different ways to use clay and melted glass. We discovered that light-colored clay H I G H S C H O O L EXPERIMENTING WITH Tracy Fortune CERAMICS & MELTED GLASS provides a great backdrop for most colors of melted glass and that blue melted glass looks a lot like spar - kling water. We found that glass usu- ally crackles in the kiln as it cools (due to the fact that clay and glass cool at different rates), resulting in an eye-catching effect. We also found out that glass of assorted types can be mixed and that glass nuggets and cut colored glass both work well. Preliminary Work Our experiments evolved into a unit I call "Splish Splash." After looking at examples of sculptures that used water as part of a design, students brain - stormed places where they might see Sabryna, Hippo.

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