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22 SUMMER 2018 SchoolArts E L E M E N T A R Y O ur third-grade students recently created oil pastel land - scapes in a lesson that taught the basics of perspective: foreground, middle ground, and back - ground. This inspired a new lesson in which students would apply that knowledge to create a paper collage/ sculpture/accordion book with plenty of room for playful imagination. Jean Paradis and Kala Phelps Town Day One We prepared students with a short slideshow presentation showing many different geometric shapes while they drew in their notebooks. We also observed and discussed differ- ent artists' use of colors and shapes in cityscapes. Work by artists such as Paul Klee, who had tremendous appre- ciation for children's art, were shared to remind students of the simple prin- ciples they had previously learned. Day Two We read If You Lived Here: Houses of the World by Giles Laroche and dis - cussed the illustrations from the book. Fascinating for all ages, this book has beautiful collaged illustrations and really sparked students' imaginations. The book also linked the lesson to social studies by discussing homes around the world and how people live. Students then opened their sketch - books and began to plan their three pages using geometric shapes. Few Guidelines, Many Choices We stressed that houses on the first page needed to be the shortest, the ones on the middle page a bit taller, and the ones on the final page would be the tallest. The guidelines were simple: Design two or more houses per page, each one unique, with doors, windows, and interesting rooftops for detail. Drawing was not allowed until the end, and then only with thin per- manent marker for a few details. When a student finished all three

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