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20 SUMMER 2018 SchoolArts W ow! I didn't know there were that many shades of red!" yelled one student. "I can't find the color match I need. If someone finds a light yellow-green, let me know!" called out another student. The room buzzed with activity as students flipped through magazines looking for the perfect color match to use in their artwork. Intro to Pop Art This project was designed to get stu- dents to recognize that color comes in many shades and tints, in the context of having them learn about pop art. It began with my sixth-grade students looking at numerous artists within the pop art movement, not - ing the similarities and differences of the various styles. During our discussion, students learned that even though the subject matter used in pop art was everyday imagery simply depicted, each artist rendered his or her subject in a way that was unique. The final artist we discussed was contemporary pop art - ist Megan Coyle, who makes collages of everyday objects using magazines. Her work inspired this lesson. We also discussed recycled art and its benefits to the environment. We reviewed how shading and the use of value could add a 3D appearance to 2D art. Goals and Controlled Tearing The goal for this lesson was for students to take what they learned about pop art and, inspired by Megan Coyle, apply it to the creation of their own collages using recycled magazines. Because our school encourages recycling, I had plenty of donated magazines on hand and POP ART RECYCLED M I D D L E S C H O O L Diane Hoff

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