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Editor's Letter G eorgia O'Keeffe, Grandma Moses, the Statue of Liberty. These are just a few of the characters I've impersonated as an art teacher. As with many things I have done at school, no one else was eager to be the Statue of Liberty, so I volunteered. As an art teacher, I have found that it is helpful in many situations to be willing to be silly, funny, or humorous. With these thoughts in mind, I posted this question on Facebook: "Art teachers, what are some of the ways you use humor in your classroom?" The response was amazing! The question definitely struck a chord: First of all, I love this question! It's something (not being an extrovert) that I struggle with daily. I dressed up as Frida Kahlo and painted my face like a Mondrian paint- ing (not on Halloween). I wear lots of fun and crazy prints, art tees, and have fun tchotchkes in my my Japanese eraser collection. I make or hang fun signs, hall passes, etc. I teach high school. I went to an EdTech Summit session on improv. The keynote was on infusing creative chaos into the classroom. I could see it totally set- ting a tone for the classroom, enabling kids (and teachers) to be silly and feel a little more comfortable together. —Crystal Clark Penserini When a student asks me, "What will happen if I eat this paint/glue/clay/etc.," my answer is always the same: "Diarrhea." I also talk about being "that kid." Don't be "that kid" who doesn't wash their brushes. Don't be "that kid" who cuts a circle out of the MIDDLE of a piece of construction paper. Don't be "that kid" who eats the glue. —Katie Malone-Smith I prefer singing answers to questions in opera. —Jessica Miller I'll throw in a ridiculous statement when introducing new assignments or going over rules. It is so much fun to see the looks on the faces of those who are paying attention. I also love to make up absurd incorrect answers on tests. Love seeing them look up at me like "Are you serious?" Or hear them laugh to themselves when they read them. I also sing (though I can't, I do anyway), and though I realized a few years ago that I'm not as great a dancer as I once thought, I have been known to bust a move or two. —Danna Fuller I play old-school Hip-Hop as our clean-up song ("Apache" by the Sugar Hill Gang). Students have to be seated, quiet, and ready, by the time they hit the "Ah-oongas," about a minute and fifteen seconds into the song. They love it...and dance while they're cleaning. By the way, this question is an example of the best use of the internet. — Andrew Katz Thanks to all who responded! I'll post more responses on the SchoolArtsRoom blog. Thanks also to my co-editor on this issue, Pam Stephens, a SchoolArts contributing editor and professor of art education at Northern Arizona University. Nancy kidding around with Charlie Brown at the cartoonist's Charles Schultz Museum in Santa Cruz, California. Visit Follow me on SCHOOLARTSMAGAZINE.COM 3

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