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On the Day of the Field Trip Students fill out a worksheet that asks them to gather information from each room in the museum. Only their favorite work from each gallery need be mentioned. 1. Each group is assigned a color, • Students' name must appear as part of the design. 2. The face of the card is a represen- tation of a piece of artwork from the museum. • Photos are not accepted as finished work, but can be used as reference. • All artwork should be completed and reflective of the chosen artwork. After the Field Trip • Students turn in their worksheets and finished cards on the next day of class. • The number and suit of the decks should be clearly visible on the cards. • All backs of cards are to be completed in the group color. • Optional: I chose to laminate the cards so they would last longer. Reflections The cards were amazing and stu- dents remained engaged the entire time. We were onsite at the Virginia Museum of Fine Arts (VMFA) for about three hours and many stu - dents wanted to stay longer. As I watched students interact with the art, I noticed they were looking more intently because they knew they would need to make art based on the work. Students also built col - laborative skills by encouraging one another to do well so that the group would win. Although it was a lot of work before and after the trip, it was worth it. As a result, the art depart - ment has four really cool decks of cards! The best part is that students created the cards themselves, and in future years, they will remem - ber that day at the VMFA through the eyes of their peers. Deb Dayhoff is a ceramics and art instruc- tor who lives in Fairfax, Virginia. deb@ W E B L I N K which will be the color on the back of the card that identifies the group's deck. An award will be given for the best deck of cards. • Students can design the backs of the cards in the style they choose using only the group color. SCHOOLARTSMAGAZINE.COM 29

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