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18 MAY 2018 SchoolArts ideas such as space and shape related to the chosen color scheme. After the color sketches were com- pleted, students then discussed their most effective compositions and what made the compositions success - ful. Upon teacher approval of a final design, a small canvas was provided to each student. 2D to 3D Before students began painting, we reviewed various techniques includ- ing care of paintbrushes. Once the paintings were finished, I explained to students that they would be turning their 2D designs into 3D plush toys. I started by demonstrating the pro- cess of creating a plush toy. to use school computers to look for inspiration. Book and article illustra- tions as well as animated films pro- vided needed motivation. After a brief introduction to for- mal color schemes, I asked students to select a color scheme, use colored pencil or crayons, and apply the selected scheme to at least two of their sketches. Drafting a Composition Once they had sketched creatures and experimented with color schemes, I asked students to draft three compo- sitions for a future painting. These compositions required that the crea- ture show motion in a certain setting to encourage students to consider art Students created sewing patterns on regular copy paper, labeling how many pieces of felt they needed for each part and in which colors. They were also challenged with figuring out where to add tabs and how the pieces would fit together. Once a pattern had been approved, I provided students with fab - ric and showed them how to pin their paper templates to the material for cut - ting out the felt pieces. Sewing a Monster Students next learned how to split a thread, thread a needle, and start a thread by knotting it, a process that challenged them more than I thought it would. Students then learned three types of stitching—running, Yohan K., Dragon (3D to ), grade eight.

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