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APR 2018

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Caption M y principal approached me last year with the idea of offering a student enrich - ment program with a focus on science, technology, engineering, and math. Of course, I insisted that we add in the art component to make it a STEAM program. Our first step was to write a large grant asking for various materials to use in our STEAM maker space. We asked for things such as robot kits, building blocks, and iPads. When researching items for the grant, I came across 3D pens. We were asking for a 3D printer, but that's an expensive item and only one student can use it at a time. If we had 3D pens, however, every student would have the opportunity to create and take their imagina - tions from 2D to 3D. My interest and passion for new opportuni - ties for my students was piqued. Drawing in Three Dimensions So what exactly is a 3D pen? It's essentially a pen that creates a line using plastic instead of ink. Simi- lar to a glue gun, the pen is loaded with plastic filament, which melts as it gets hot. You draw with the liquid plastic, which hardens almost instantly. The cool thing is that you can draw on almost anything, even in the air. You can purchase indi- vidual pens from several local retail- ers or as a classroom bundle from various art and education supply companies. Through our original grant, I received a 3D pen bundle kit that included twelve pens, tools, doodle pads, plastic filament, an idea book, and more. Since twelve pens were not enough for a class set, I wrote and received an additional grant, bumping the total up to twenty- four pens. Practice Helps I've never been afraid to try new things with my students, but I needed to figure out how to use the pens myself before I could teach stu - dents how to use them. I began to experiment. A L L L E V E L S Michele Rose DRAWING IN DIMENSIONS A student traces his drawing taped over a paint bottle to create a cylindrical shaped building. 34 APRIL 2018 SchoolArts

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