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20 APRIL 2018 SchoolArts E L E M E N T A R Y by artists who specialize in paper sculp- ture—three-dimensional art. Share that some pop-up books take a very long time to make, with much trial and error to make parts pop up as desired. Next, tell your students they are each going to make a pop-up character for a story of their own. It is a good idea A pop-up book tells a story with paper sculpture while adding what I call a "wow" factor, as that is what your students will say when you open it up. And your students can make them with the simplest of materials and tools: construction paper, scis - sors, and glue. If you don't have any pop-up books to share, your school library probably does, so first check some out. Pop-up greeting cards can also provide more examples to share. Discussion and Experimentation To start, show and discuss pop-up books with your students, explaining that they are designed and engineered A pop-up book tells a stor with paper sculpture while adding what I call a "wow" factor, as that is wha our students will sa he ou open it up. POP-UP Nancy Walkup S tory to have students practice folding and cutting scrap paper before starting on their final projects. They can experi - ment by varying the orientation of the paper (landscape or portrait) and the size and angle of the cuts and folds. Procedures for Students Here are the directions I gave to students: 1. Fold the 9 x 12" colored construction paper in half, landscape or portrait orientation, and cut a slit about halfway down from the folded edge of the paper to the middle. It is better to make this cut shorter rather than longer. Fold back the edges of the slit Pop-Ups can take the form of a book or be cut out from the background.

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