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T H E O P E N A R T R O O M H ave you ever heard a student say, "I don't know what to make?" It's a phrase repeated often in the choice-based artroom, especially at the beginner level. As art teachers, we are prepared to give the student just about any material we have in the storage closet. We are willing to demonstrate any technique The Nine The Nine was developed after students in a beginner-level class requested total freedom of choice but were stumped for ideas when given the opportunity. They didn't like working with themes and they needed some - thing more basic than artistic behav- ior units. To meet their request, we developed nine packets based on the following nine subjects: Architecture, The Figure, Imagination, Landscape, The Portrait, Conceptual, The Object, Nature, and Nonrepresentational. What's in a Packet? The packet is a document that con- tains the basic information the student needs to create a work of art based on that subject. The packet docu - ment starts with the objective. It then asks the student to consider a few questions about the subject. It also contains suggestions for tutorials as well as examples of artwork related to the subject. The following is a sample packet based on architecture: ARCHITECTURE PACKET Objective Create a work of art with a focus on an architectural structure. Considerations Answer the following in your sketch- book: • What is the definition of architec- ture? • How many different places is architecture displayed? • What type of architecture are you considering? • Based on these answers, what medium will be best to use for this work? • What references will you need for this work? Warm Ups Complete at least two tutorials in your sketchbook before beginning your drawing. The tutorials may dem - onstrate how to use materials, new techniques, or ways to improve your The Nine: Presenting Subject-Based Choice Ian Sands needed to help a student bring an idea to fruition. The only thing we don't want to provide is the idea. That should be left to the student. Still, artist block happens, but it doesn't have to. When it comes to deciding what subject will be the focus of your stu- dents' art, you can help by narrowing it down to nine choices. By presenting nine topics, which we will call "The Nine," you can provide your students with a starting point for formulating their ideas. The Nine removes the word "don't" from the sentence, "I don't know what to make." The Nine removes the word "don't" from the sentence, "I don't know what to make." CONTINUED ON PAGE 53. Audrey A., grade ten. 12 APRIL 2018 SchoolArts

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