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printing curriculum for my students. They had the opportunity to experi - ence personalized learning with a challenge to do something ground - breaking. Mixed-Media Challenge I first asked students to develop a painting around a theme or big idea. They drafted ideas in their sketch - books, talked about it with other stu- dents, and then discussed it with me. Once students decided on a theme, they collected images and 3D prints online. They had to figure out what 3D objects would work best to incor - porate into their paintings, and then they chose the color and size. After students made all of these decisions, they worked on their M y curriculum began with traditional art concepts and applica - tions. However, as new technology became available to me, I have expanded my curricu - lum to embrace more contempo- rary media. Innovative art projects that incorporate technology while giving students opportunities to problem solve, understand, and analyze resources are what I strive for in my curriculum. A New Printer Our district acquired a 3D printer at the beginning of this school year. Fortunately, the 3D printer was put into my classroom so I could learn how to use it and then teach other teachers. During this time, I was teaching a variety of high- school elective courses, one being a mixed-media course. Mixed-media focuses on a variety of topics and skills involved in the creation of art. This course allows students to combine media (art-making materi - als), techniques, and styles, while experimenting with a variety of art-making tools to create their own unified artworks. Having the opportunity to use the 3D printer, I needed to come up with an idea to include it in the existing curriculum. Finding nothing online that incorporates the 3D printer into traditional arts media, I created a 3D T E C H N O L O G Y Mixed Media with a Twist Heather McCutcheon I was ver assionate about this project and the abilit t afforded to incorporate technolog in students' artwork. paintings using other 2D media while their 3D objects were printing. The 3D objects were added to the paintings as a final step. Something New I was very passionate about this project and the ability it afforded to incorporate technology in students' artwork. Adding a three-dimensional component to their 2D works was refreshing and exciting to them. Stu - dents took ownership of their ideas and loved working with new materi - als. On top of all that, they learned something new! Heather McCutcheon is an art teacher at Herkimer Junior/Senior High School in Herkimer, New York. hmccutcheon@her- Lyndsey Bass, grade ten, works on her mixed-media painting, Harmon , 2017. SCHOOLARTSMAGAZINE.COM 11

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