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March 2018

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ical properties of glass and the art of glassblowing. Students also analyze the qualities of successful 3D art and how an art installation is different from individual artworks on display. Designing and Cutting Shrink Film With permanent markers, students plan and draw a design on a clear piece of shrink film. An abstract rial turn 3D right before their eyes? Being able to use a toaster oven and hot-glue gun makes the project even more exciting. However, the best part is that everyone is successful. Discussion We start by viewing a video showing glassblowing by Dale Chihuly, fol - lowed by a discussion about the phys- I f you are looking for a studio les- son that every student will be excited about, this one is for you. Each term, students approach me and ask when they will get to do this project. I reserve teaching this les - son toward the end of the term for my seventh-graders. It is novel and fun; after all, who wouldn't want to watch a two-dimensional mate - Curled, Colored, M I D D L E S C H O O L Diane Hoff TRANSLUCENT Aldan Weagle, The Neon Star. 44 MARCH 2018 SchoolArts

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