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March 2018

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A "remix" is a different version of an old lesson plan. I create slightly different versions of past lessons by adding new concepts that I hope will inspire my students. Below, I will discuss two involving photography that were back-to-back and connected— a cyanotype quilt inspired by the work of two artists, and a studio portrait lesson using articles of clothing. Remix #1: A Cyanotype Quilt Cyanotype is a photographic printing process invented by Sir John Herschel in 1842 that produces a blue and white image. For this cameraless photography project, I ask students in my Digital Pho- tography class to make three cyanotypes using translucent objects: • Cyanotype #1: Use a 3D object. (Toys, flowers, your hand or face, crystals, clear rocks, kitchen tools, slinky, bunched-up cloth, etc.) • Cyanotype #2: Combine a 2D object (digitally printed negative that uses Photoshop to create the negative, letters, magazine images, poems, or photographs) with a 3D object. The 2D element is sandwiched in glass with 3D objects on top of the glass. • Cyanotype #3: Open; this could be a remix of the first two cyanotypes or students could try to simulate a cyanotype print entirely in Photoshop by applying the Hue and Saturation adjustments to one of their digital photographs. Photographer Robert Frank For Cyanotype #3, I had students respond to one of Robert Frank's images from his book The Americans, one of the most influential photo books ever published. The class discussed reoccurring symbols in Frank's images and what they represented, such as the automobile, the American flag, the open road, crowded cafés, and racial and class differences. Students drew inspiration from Frank's work by making a cyanotype with a 2D or 3D object that responded to a selection of images from the book. They could respond to subject matter or compositional devices identified in the photographs from The Americans. Using OHP Transparency Film and a photo H I G H S C H O O L The Joe Medina REMIX Oceania Eshraghi, grade eleven. 42 MARCH 2018

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