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March 2018

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22 MARCH 2018 SchoolArts A few years ago, we were at a sticking point with our intro to digital painting project that involved painting portraits. We were stuck in the rut of "tell and do" art—tell students what to do and they do it. We had students search for portraits from the internet that had no connection to them, but were techni - cally well-lit and crisp. The project was s tale, students were not succeeding, Craig Huffman and Matt Young and we were struggling as teachers. One big thing that caught our attention in the state and national standards was that in order to cre- ate artistically literate citizens, we n eed to have students create works that have personal meaning to them, make connections, and show per - sonal expression. What were students d oing in school and their personal life already? They were taking self- ies, then using some form of an app t o change the color or mood of the image to express a feeling. Who do we know from art history who also did this? The Impressionists, of course. Preparation In preparation for this lesson, we introduced students to abstract expressionism and the idea of colors and lines expressing emotions. To Leah Krueger, grade twelve. Spontaneous PORTRAITURE H I G H S C H O O L

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