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March 2018

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E L E M E N T A R Y T echnology is remarkable—that goes without saying. Even more remarkable is the ability of our digital native students to instinctively know how to almost effortlessly navigate through it. The music teacher at my school, who is also quite tech-savvy, dem- onstrated the online invention kit she was using for a water piano dem- onstration during her curriculum night presentation. The kit included a computer board, USB cable, connec- tor wires, and easy-to-use software. I was immediately intrigued (my jaw dropped) and my mind raced with possibilities. After doing some inves- tigation of my own, I thought it would be great for us to all collaborate on an interactive art, music, science, engi- neering, and technology project. Computer Boards We used Makey Makey kits, com- puter boards that "turn everyday objects into touchpads." There are plenty of other online kits also avail - able. Once the kit is hooked up to a computer and a programming web - site, music can actually be played on anything that conducts electricity, from modeling clay and water, to bananas and graphite. Graphite was the key to our project. An Art and Music Fusion The project began in music, where students were introduced to the many creative avenues the invention kit offers. After this exploration, they continued their journey in art class. Students were given the opportunity to develop a 2D piece of art with any theme that they desired. In addition to markers and colored pencils, students Linda Schober Music-Infused Art

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