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February 2018

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E L E M E N T A R Y W ho doesn't enjoy being frozen in posture while excitedly waiting for the exaggerated and some - times whimsical renderings of a s killed caricaturist? Whether you are at an amusement park or strolling the streets of an arts festival, people like seeing creative interpretations of themselves that they can cherish for years to come. So, I thought a lesson on proportions and exaggera - tion would be perfect for my fourth- a nd fifth-grade students. Captivating My Audience To open this lesson, I created a dia- logue with my students by asking t hem questions that related to the concepts I wanted them to under- stand. For example: "What does it m ean to exaggerate?" "How can you exaggerate something in art?" and "Does anyone know what a caricature is?" Next, I showed them a brief video of an artist at work drawing a carica - ture. Students found the video fasci- nating and it got them eager to rise to t he challenge of drawing their own. Masterful Audrey Crosby CARICATURES Practicing the Art of Exaggeration After sharing with students a couple of caricatures that had been drawn of me (which they thought were hilari- ous), I modeled the process by having o ne student sit across from me in the front of the class while I drew them. As I drew, I explained how the size of the head would be much larger than the body, and how I would choose certain features to emphasize by mak - ing them either smaller or larger in r elation to other facial features. Once students understood this 36 FEBRUARY 2018 SchoolArts Matthew Morris, grade four. Carline Clements, grade five.

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