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M I D D L E S C H O O L students look to verses from either poetry or song for inspiration. Finding a Source of Inspiration Students' first task was to find a source of poetic or lyrical inspira - tion. Music is very important to most middle-school students, so many chose to find inspiration there, but some also chose poetry. Students listened to various selections from their music collections or researched poems online and decided upon a verse. With their verses chosen, stu - dents had two weeks to shoot fifty photographs that expressed their cho - sen verse. I asked students to demon- strate extreme angles, camera tilts, and compositional techniques, such as leading lines, the rule of thirds, and framing in their photography. Photo Book Layout The day photos were due, I showed students how to create contact EXPERIMENTAL Michael Sacco sites, I wanted my students to use their digital photography along with traditional media and techniques to create something very different. My idea was to have students design photo books that would showcase their photography in a unique way. I also wanted to give them the oppor - tunity to find a theme to explore that they would find meaningful and interesting. I decided to have PHOTO BOOKS 30 FEBRUARY 2018 SchoolArts Michelle Pacala. S tudents take so many photos due to the ubiquitous use of social media that the amount of images they possess on their devices is staggering. But a few years back, in our media arts digital photography class, I realized that most of them never did anything with them beyond sharing them through social media. Although photo albums can be created online using various web -

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