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February 2018

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select the media of their choice for their visualization. For students who struggle with visual creation, I rec - ommend providing resources such as parodies of ads and encouraging application of postmodern principles including: juxtaposition, layering, and interaction of text and image. Submitting the Postcards Students' postcards are submitted anonymously, either physically or digitally. The anonymity of non- signed autobiographical postcards allows students freedom of expres - sion and provides an outlet for self-exposure outside of potential consequences for disclosing emo- tions, fears, and truths. If there is no online course management system or class blog, your students could submit their postcards in a physical drop box. If you have access to an online course management system, such as Google Classroom, students can upload a photo of their post - card for storage and sharing. The file name of the photo should never identify the artist; instead, postcards could be numbered. By providing students with access to all postcard submissions via pub - lic display, the teacher ensures that the voices of all participants in the classroom are heard, rather than restricting voices and viewpoints by displaying only a few postcards. Empowering Voices Students are asked to engage in a monitored peer critique in the physi - cal or virtual classroom by critically commenting on postcard submis - sions. They should focus on the postcard's message. Significantly, through peer feedback, students will likely find they are not alone in their experiences and may empower each other to focus on positive out - comes learned from the sharing of their meaningful postcard art. Jennifer Motter is an art teacher at Forest Hills Junior-Senior High School in Sidman, Pennsylvania. N A T I O N A L S T A N D A R D Presenting: Interpreting and sharing artistic work. W E B L I N K It is m ope that through postcard creation, sharing, and discussion, students feel less isolated and more connected with their peers. SCHOOLARTSMAGAZINE.COM 19

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