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A fter reading the article, "The Hidden Identity in QR Codes," in the August/September 2011 issue of SchoolArts, I thought this subject would be a unique and interesting way to incorporate tech- nology into my classroom. As I started to plan the lesson, it developed into a major project with a number of fun and interesting components. Part 1: Holzer, Kruger, and Truisms To begin, I had students view a portion of the Art21 series profiling Jenny Hol - zer and we talked about her creative process. Students became immersed in an excellent discussion on the meaning of her truisms, relating them to today's society and culture, and they examined the ways she uses twenty-first century technology to create and enhance her artistic viewpoints. We also dis - cussed the work of Barbara Kruger, who couples textual messages with impact-driven collage images, and we compared her work to Holzer's. Students were then asked to select one truism from a list of Jenny Holzer truisms (see Web Links). They were to find a photograph or artistic image that illustrated or reinforced the truism in a manner similar to Kru- ger. The images could be obtained from the web or from magazines and then scanned and printed. Part 2: QR Codes The next day, I introduced students to QR codes. Like UPC codes, these codes encrypt information to be decoded by scanner mechanisms and equipped cell phones, and provide quick links to information, email, websites, and more. Students visited the website, gen - erated a QR code for their chosen truism, and printed it. QR and Truism Grids Each student then drew a grid of 1" (2.54 cm) boxes on large illustration board; the final size of the grid was dictated by the number of boxes in their QR code. They left a 1" margin around the border. The maximum number of boxes generated was 32 by The Rosie Singalewitch CODE PROJECT 30 DECEMBER 2017 SchoolArts H I G H S C H O O L

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