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November 2017

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Page 53 of 54 for more detailed instructions and a video demonstration Two pieces of 3"x3" 3mm craft foam sheet One 3"x3" 2mm sticky back craft foam sheet One 6"x6" Bisque Tile Scissors or Exacto Knife Pencil, Pen, or Permanent Marker Brayer Masking Tape 1. Draw Your Design on the sticky craft foam sheet. 2. Peel and Stick the sticky craft foam sheet to the non-sticky craft foam sheet. 3. Cut Out your design. 4. Peel and Stick the cutout areas onto the second piece of non-sticky foam sheet to create your positive and negative "plates". 5. Brush Velvet Wash onto the bisque tile. 6. Ink the positive and negative foam plates with thickened underglaze or thickened underglaze printing ink using a brayer. 7. Print your tile by pressing the inked plate to the surface of the tile. 8. Glaze tile with LG-10 Clear and Fire.

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