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November 2017

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F O C U S I N PAGE SPONSORED BY: C reativity fueled by goodwill is a recipe for success in the artroom, or in any classroom. These are three truths: (1) Our students already possess a wealth of compassion. (2) Our communities will always have an important cause in need of support. (3) A creative prompt infused with the former two truths will lead the student to draw from both their artist's heart and mind, investing in an authentic and intrinsic learning journey. Connecting these dots as often as you can, whenever you can, will lead to a meaningful experience. Bra Project Origins The Bra Project was inspired by Drag- onboat Beaufort, a local grassroots nonprofit composed of breast cancer survivors who provide much-needed support for others afflicted with their illness. The Bra Project was initiated by local businesses and healthcare providers who collaborated with area art teachers and students with a shared goal to bring awareness and raise money for the nonprofit that provides meals, cleaning, handwrit- ten cards, financial support, and more for those going through treatment. Students from local schools designed and created one-of-a-kind bras that went on a traveling display in several businesses, hospitals, and a doctor's office throughout the month of October (breast cancer awareness month). While on exhibit, community members voted for their favorite bra through donations. Easy Adaptability This is a project that can be easily adapted to support like-minded non- profits within your own community. Wi th some investigation and a few phone calls, doors will open and your students will make meaningful works of art, taking collaboration and creativity beyond your class - room walls and into the community. Generating Ideas In our own school, once the roles, structure, and logistics of the The Bra Project Monique Dobbelaere It was revealing to find that several students dedicated their designs to a loved one lost to cancer. 42 NOVEMBER 2017 SchoolArts

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