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October 2017

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The SOUNDS M I D D L E S C H O O L A s a middle-school educator, I find that my students are sur- prisingly adept at completing tasks and following directions, but when I ask them to problem-solve or create something nonobjective, I get a room full of blank stares and a whole lot of questions. That's why I created this lesson, which encourages students to have fun while creat- ing, building connections between the visual arts and other disciplines, and utilizing the elements and principles to create an interesting, nonobjective piece of artwork. iPad Integration I approached this lesson with a semi- flipped classroom mindset as it fit the needs of my current situation. My students all have school-issued iPads, so I created a book in Book Creator, which provided students with images, bits of art history, links Emily Geschwentner ART Gabe Estrada, Blop, grade seven. of Megan Burkholder, grade seven. Work in progress. 40 OCTOBER 2017 SchoolArts

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