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28 OCTOBER 2017 SchoolArts & T his is the perfect quote to mark the beginning of this journey. How do we as art educators introduce the misunderstood world of contemporary art? How do we open up our students' minds to a world of postmodern principles in which purposes seem to be more important than aesthetics? Over the past twenty years, I have always found using contemporary artists in my artroom a bit more fun! Even in my Introductory Art 1 class, it seems that I refer to contemporary practices, artists, and theories in our journaling more often than histori - cal figures. Students seem to respond more to the quirkiness of ideas, sym - bolism, and meaning. How Is That Art? With that being said, I always have that hand pop up with the question, "How is that art, Mrs. Brisco?" It seems that each time I answer this question, it evolves a bit, because just as my stu - dents are on a journey for answers, so am I. It takes me back to that fantastic quote, and I ask myself if I would want a pickled shark in my home. Of course I wouldn't, but I do want the forward How do I inform m tudents that art can be almost an thing, if not ever thing? Nicole Brisco PICKLED SHARKS CONTEMPORARY IDEAS H I G H S C H O O L I love contemporary art, although I wouldn't want a pickled shark in my house. —Bruno Tonioli Students researched molecular shapes using Styrofoam balls and toothpicks. They found that each mol- ecule clung to the other without any additional adhesive, similar to the way that real molecules behave.

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