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because of their ability to hold the shutter open for long periods of time. Students learned about the bulb set - ting on the camera, which allows the user to decide on the exposure and, with patience, can lead to thirty- minute or longer exposures. Students also got to review their knowledge of the manual settings on the camera. This involved a basic understanding of the exposure tri - angle (three elements that effect the exposure of any photograph), includ - ing ISO, shutter speed, and f-stop (aperture opening). These three elements work together to produce the quality of image exposure. Students also considered how Jeanne Bjork T he twenty-first century stu- dents I teach grew up in the digital age where there is an app for everything, and a few clicks can create some pretty impressive imagery, but the ease of clicking doesn't teach meaning and art process. This Light Painting unit using long exposure photog - raphy does that and more. It helps students embrace the process of trial and error and gives them an opportunity to collaborate while making beautiful works of art. Reviewing Camera Basics For this unit, students used digital single-lens reflex (DSLR) cameras different f-stops affect the depth of field of each image. Photogra - phy students learned all of this in Beginning Photography, but this unit helped them apply their knowledge and understand the ramifications of their decisions. Light in the Dark My favorite thing about the Light Painting unit is "play time," when I encourage students to bring in lights of their choosing or use various lights I keep on hand in a big crate. Critical thinking and problem solv - ing come into play as students make decisions on the fly using the lights and their cameras in a darkened PAINTING WITH LIGHT 22 OCTOBER 2017 SchoolArts H I G H S C H O O L

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