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September 2017

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Co-Editor's Letter I f YOU don't promote your program, who will? This is a question that I often think about. I think about it because what I do right now will have an impact on what will happen tomorrow. Also, when we entertain the idea of advocacy, how often do we think about empowerment? I remember going to back to school to get certified to teach art in the late nineties. The courses I took prepared me to get my foot inside the artroom. What I did after - wards made a difference in how I communicate what it is to live an art-centered life through art education. As a result, I wanted to develop an art program that has a greater impact at Sheboygan North High School by pro - viding my students with a well-rounded art education, communicating the importance of it, and demonstrating how it contributes to the school's success. Advocacy is an integral part of an effective art program. In some ways, our teaching practice is similar to that of an artist. All we want to do is "create." The reality is that we need to embrace not only the creative process, but also the business side of art education. Advocating for what your students bring to this world is work—a lot of work, but the intrinsic rewards are so worth it. In this issue, you will be introduced to art educators who have embraced advocacy as a way to share their success locally, provide their community with a way to engage in the creative process, and to engage others in a meaningful conversation on how art education can make a difference in how we see the world around us. As you begin the new school year, I challenge you to look at an area that you would like to improve on. In what way can you continue to move your art program forward by con - tributing to your school's culture and community? Focus on those strengths and help students rock the new school year. Ideas are meant to change. Similar to an idea, we are always developing. Let's go out there and empower others. Photo by Jena Radey. Follow me on Visit Editor Nancy Walkup invited Frank Juarez, art department chair at Sheboygan North High School in Sheboygan, Wisconsin, to be co-editor of this issue. 8 SEPTEMBER 2017 SchoolArts

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