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32 SUMMER 2017 SchoolArts MULTIPLE M I D D L E S C H O O L W e live in a world of expo- nentially increasing visual information, where the boundaries between the physical and digital are constantly cross-pollinating. Exploring these intersections between art and tech- nology has been the focus of an innovative elective master class, our twelve-week long curriculum for seventh- and eighth-grade students. Using multiple creative platforms, both physical and digital, our stu- dents explored, experimented, and expressed conceptual themes in fin- ished photographic artworks. Multiple Projects Themes ranged from fusions of mas- ter self-portraits and selfies, beautiful light photography pieces based on the elements, quick-fire challenges featur- ing GIFs and book cover mash-ups, and a final project where students applied their creativity and technical skills in personalized projects. In each project, the learning objectives were the same: to design and create a finished artwork that used both artistic and digital media with technical and aesthetic skill in visually communicating ideas. The diverse ideas featuring intersections between emerging technologies and artistic techniques offer art and tech- nology educators proven visual arts strategies and capacities for their stu- dents' engagement, collaborative lead- ership, and success in the classroom. From Selfie to Self-Portrait In our first project, From Selfie to Self-Portrait, we were inspired by posts on the blog Hyperallergic (, creating marvel - ous emulations of famous self-por- traits by current artists. Working in teams, students researched self-portrait imagery from famous and unknown artists to find one that spoke to them. Then, assem- bling a variety of props and working with lighting and makeup, students created the conditions for optimum photo sessions. Post-production in allowed students to edit Hannah Salia and Tracy Asplen Top: Nell, Self-Portrait. Emulation of Do the Job He Left Behind, 1941–1945. Bottom left: Student book cover mash-up of Hero by Perry Moore (Hyperion, 2007). Bottom right: Jaden, Selfie. Emula - tion of Vincent van Gogh's Self- Portrait with a Gre elt Hat, 1887. FUSIONS

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