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SCHOOLARTSMAGAZINE.COM 31 31 SCHOOLARTSMAGAZINE.COM water ripples. to create sea plants and arns unraveling the thicke Students experiment with watch?v= 8CM3PcRQ8NI W E B L I N K ing new artistic ideas and work. Creating: Conceiving and develop- N A T I O N A L S T A N D A R D the Book; Pieces of Learning (pieceso- Michigan and the co-author of Art by ory Woods Elementary School in Novi, Joan Sterling is an art teacher at Hick- heir summer vacations. t ents, and faculty returned from - quite a splash when students, par underwater fiber collages made opened in September. These the bulletin boards when school saved about a dozen to hang on the very end of the school year, I Since we did this project at additional yarn, and sequins. embellished their pieces using felt, plants and water ripples. They also the thicker yarns to create sea experimented with unraveling age creativity. Some students a variety of yarns to encour- revisions they saw fit. I provided a guide, but they also made any Students used their sketches as Embellishment sea plants, or outlines. be adapted for the ocean floor, edges and the other stitches can blanket stitch works well for the stitch, and blanket stitch. The stitches: running stitch, back end. I demonstrated three the "eye" and knot the longer estry needle with yarn through eviewed how to thread a large tap- r qué and began stitching details. I Students completed the felt appli- Stitching Detail through the burlap. used sparingly so that it doesn't seep fish, before gluing. Glue should be positions on burlap, along with their and seaweed, arranging their com- background features such as rocks as stripes or dots. They also cut out fins and tails, using patterns such with different colors of felt for the from the felt and decorated them Students cut out their own fish pieces of transparent tape. a piece of felt with just a few small out the fish I drew and taping it onto the sketch as a pattern by cutting another. I demonstrated how to use to "apply" or place one layer over comes from the French and means technique called appliqué, which would create fiber collages using a I explained to students that they Felt, Fins, and Tails stitching. line to show where they would be would be using felt and a broken draw with a solid outline where they parts they would stitch. I had them they would cut out of felt and which to plan which parts of their drawing This was a good time for students

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