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P O I N T O F V I E W CONTINUED ON PAGE 42. Connecting Artistic Practice with Teaching A s art educators preparing the next generation of art teach- ers, we often reflect on the foundation that supported us as art teachers in high-school and elementary classrooms. What we con- tinually returned to as the bedrock of our practice is what we know and experience as artists. Artistic practice intuitively informed everything we did when we were art teachers. When we intro- duced a new project to our students, we made it ourselves first. We not only looked at the visual forms that artists make, but also emphasized the kinds of questions artists ask. Art Practice and Pedagogy In 1955, Manuel Barkan wrote A Foundation for Art Education (Ronald Press). In his book, Bar- kan advocated for artistic practice t o inform all that art educators do in their classrooms. Using a broad understanding of artistic practice, we redesigned our Foundations of Art Education course around the following orientations that connect art practice with pedagogy. We struc - tured our course according to the fol- lowing seven orientations: Inspiration and Starting How do we find inspiration as art- ists? How do we inspire our stu- dents? How do we start as artists? H ow do we enable our students to start making art? Questioning What questions do we develop when making art? What are we trying to discover? How can we create ques- tions, constraints, prompts, and adap- tations that motivate students towards c ritical thinking and making? Research How do we research ideas and materi- als? How can we encourage and teach research skills to our students? Play How do we play in our art-making? How does play lead to new discover- ies in our art? How can we encourage play in our students' art-making? Making How do we use materials to com- municate meaning? What choices do w e make when selecting and using materials and design principles? How can we teach our students to con - sider how materials and design com- municate meaning? Reflection How do we reflect on our art-making? How do we know something is "good" that we've made? How can we teach our students to reflect on their art- making? How do we know if our stu- dents have learned? How do we know what our students have learned? Dissemination How do we share our artwork? How can we enable our students to share their work? These orientations are not a defini- Juan Carlos Castro and Aileen Pugliese Castro We want our pre-service teachers to be able to make the connections between what the o as artists and what the o as teachers. 8 SUMMER 2017 SchoolArts

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