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May 2017

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32 MAY 2017 SchoolArts H I G H S C H O O L Kelly Moncure TOY I teach digital photography at a high school in San Diego and am always looking for new ways of teaching about depth of field—the amount of distance between the nearest and farthest objects that appear in accept- ably sharp focus in a photograph. It's a concept that's difficult for my stu- dents to grasp. I'd been using the traditional way of teaching students about aperture, which is putting three objects next to each other in a line and photo - graphing them—learning about how something looks in the foreground, middle, and background by alter - nately using f/4, f/11, and f/22. I found that this wasn't working well with my students; I needed to switch gears and try something different. A New Photo Lesson I asked students to create their own worlds with toys. I thought it would be fun to do miniature photography as quality of the resulting work from my students and the creativity of their stories. Each photo series and story was different from the next. Students were also very excited to bring in their own toys to photograph. They were also able to really "see" and a triptych with a beginning, middle, and end, changing apertures and angles for each shot. Finally, students would each write a short story to go along with the photographs and pres- ent them to the class. I was incredibly inspired by the

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