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March 2017

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K indness begins with the hum- blest of actions. An honest smile, a glance of appreciation, or a gesture of gratitude can become the beginning of something much larger than it was intended to be. All too often, these brief encounters can be overlooked or even underestimated. Sometimes, these minute connections made between two people are stymied by fear—fear of the unknown, fear of rejection, or fear of misunderstanding. Forged from Kindness A tiny piece of artwork, known as a TouchStone, has become the cata - lyst for marking a humble action of kindness. A TouchStone is a small but powerful piece of artwork that was forged during a time of social unrest to remind the community of the University of Missouri that, if we can take a brief moment to engage in an act of kindness, all of the fear and worry can begin to dissipate through the conscious effort to look a stranger in the eye and offer her or him a small gift. The courage that it takes to gift someone with an object of your attention is the very essence of the art itself. A Plan to Heal A group of students enrolled in an Art for Children: Visual Literacy course to collaborate on an action plan to help heal the hearts of the Missouri campus community. In the midst of an unusual campus climate, we facilitated an online meeting space for the class to discuss tensions and possibilities. After it was established that all of the students were willing to par - Michelle Livek THE TOUCHSTONE PROJECT TouchStones are designed to be passed from hand to hand and heart to heart. A L L L E V E L S 46 MARCH 2017 SchoolArts

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