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March 2017

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Contemporary Artist Context I introduced students to illustrator Saul Steinberg, who worked with pho- tographer Inge Morath on the Mas- querade project. Their work shows people wearing paper bag masks in a variety of situations. These whimsi- cal photos hooked my students and sparked conversations about the true meaning of the mask. They were excited to begin the project: the cre- ation of two painted masks using acrylic paint and oil pastels; then a photography piece to document and perform with their masks. Pre-Assessment and Scaffolding Since this was the first major project of the school year, I needed to observe students' drawing skills and learn what they already knew about paint. This project allowed me to identify students' areas of strength in draw- ing and their control of other media. Embedded mini-lessons enabled me to assess skills and bridge any gaps while ensuring success for all. Drawing Faces Students used their art journals to sketch faces showing a variety of different emotions, such as excite- ment, joy, sadness, or frustration. T hey modeled for one another and used handouts to reference muscle movement of the human face. They touched their own faces and felt the muscles move as they made a vari - ety of expressions. Students shared w ork with their peers and eventually decided on two final expressions that they would use for their masks. Mixing Colors Students were eager to paint their sketches and create their masks. Some spent more time mixing paint colors, while others painted in heavy layers. Some chose to use only acrylic paint, while others added oil pastel to create value; some students even added paper collage elements. Masks in Action When the masks were finished, stu- dents met in groups. They shared their m asks with their peers and sketched 34 MARCH 2017 SchoolArts

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