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March 2017

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process of creating realistic portraits with beautiful and symbolic "wall- paper strips" in the background. As I recorded, my mind was racing with ideas on just how much my students could learn from her and her method of creating. The Artist's Method It was interesting for me to learn Camilla's method of working, from the fruition of an idea to seeing the end result. I thought, "How valuable this will be for students to learn that art is more than just creating a work of art!" This is not something I can just tell my students; they need to hear it themselves from a working artist. Creating an Artist Video Once I was home, I had at least an hour of recorded footage to work with. I am no videographer by any stretch, but the beauty of creating these vid- eos is that you don't have to be. I like to use iMovie to edit my videos as I find it very easy. I try to challenge myself to learn one new technique with each video I create. If you can't figure out how to do something, you can easily find directions on YouTube. You can view my video on my YouTube channel, and feel free to use it in your artroom in whatever way suits the needs of you and your stu - dents. However, I encourage you to give this idea of introducing your stu - dents to local and contemporary art- ists a shot. The next time you are at a craft fair or your local farmer's mar - ket, ask an artist if they'd be up for a short interview. If you can't make it to their studio, see if they'd be open to a quick chat right then and there. You never know, you might just meet someone as wonderful and inspiring as Camilla Spadafino! Cassie Stephens is an elementary art teacher in Franklin, Tennessee, and a con- tributing editor for SchoolArts. W E B L I N K S UCdEo82iK2lzwMqCxBuQmmrQ Camilla created a portrait of a service dog who works at her school. The background features his favorite things as well as what she perceives to be his hopes and dreams for the future. Cassie Stephens with Camilla. A series of portraits from Ms. Camilla's Neighborhood. SCHOOLARTSMAGAZINE.COM 27

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