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February 2017

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"I found I could say things with color and shapes that I couldn't say any other way—things I had no words for." Georgia O'Keeffe Fig. 5–1. What do you notice first when you look at this painting? What message do you think the artist wants to send? Yoshitomo Nara, No Hopeless, 2007. Acrylic on canvas, 46" x 35 ¾" (117 x 91 cm). © Yoshitomo Nara, courtesy Pace Gallery. 5 Acrylics Chapter 5 Acrylics 2 By John Howell White The ALL-NEW Experience Painting eBook is a state-of-the art high school painting studio book that features point-of-use instructional videos to demonstrate techniques, such as scumbling, glazing, and incising as well as nontraditional techniques. These point-of-use videos provide student-friendl , clear demonstrations of ke oncepts and techniques. Go to to sign up for a free test drive of the eBook! Experience Painting Davis Publications | website | phone 800.533.2847 | e-mail DIGITAL Available as an eBook and print textbook! Go to to sign up for a free test drive of the eBook. Experience Painting offers a wide ranging view of painting's diverse media, tools, and processes, including encaustics, street art, and nontraditional approaches that will inspire teachers and students alike. Dazzling fine art accompanies the clear, practical text; hands-on studio experiences with step-b - step photographs allow students to build skills sequentiall nd invite experimentation. Teacher material supports inquir -based practice and connections to other subject areas. Accomplished student artwork, historical background, career guidance, and point-of- use instructional support round out this exciting new addition to the Davis Studio Series.

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