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February 2017

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Left: Kyndall Tabb, Mountain Memories, grade six. Right: Hamilton McFadin, grade six. Bottom: Saylor Harrison, Memphis Girl, grade six. searching for images in magazines and catalogues that related to their personal themes and messages. Since cutting out the images takes time and planning, I asked them to only collect whole pages from the maga - zines. At this point, students were s earching for photos that would help them establish a sense of place in their work, but sometimes they also carried this theme into the way that taped the drawing to a light box or classroom window, placed the maga- zine clipping over the image, and out- lined the area to cut. If the image was not transparent enough to outline, they used white tracing paper. Assessing Student Collages When the collages were complete, stu- dents compared and contrasted their w ork to that of Bearden's, writing on index cards. They then assessed their work using a rubric I provided. Melody Weintraub is an art teacher at Bri- arcrest Christian School in Eads, Tennes- see and the 2013 Tennessee Middle School Art Educator of the Year. myweintraub @ N A T I O N A L S T A N D A R D Connecting: Relating artistic ideas and work with personal meaning and external context. W E B L I N K S Collage Criteria • Face is drawn in correct proportion. • Page is completel overed with no white canvas showing. • Background indicates a sense of place (real or imaginar ). • Overlapping used to indicate depth of space. • Collage indicates the st le of Romare Bearden. • Selected clippings indicate a theme. • Collage includes a phrase appropriate to the theme. • Collage is glued down all the wa . • All elements of the face and head are represented. • Written card compares and contrasts collage with work of Romare Bearden. the face is constructed. I gave them folders in which to keep these pages. Collaging Clippings I demonstrated how to apply the glue to their selected clippings before placing the images on a background. Mod Podge, the glue that I prefer to use, was placed in clearly marked condiment containers. The glue was brushed on evenly to the edges of the clippings with a sponge brush. Students worked from the edge of the drawn image to the outer edges of the paper, establishing a sense of space. If they needed to cut a clipping to precisely fit in a certain area, they The imaginative freedom with which Bearden used rich texture from clippings to recreate people and places from his past was th e inspiration for this self-portrait lesson. SCHOOLARTSMAGAZINE.COM 27

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