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January 2017

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PAGE SPONSORED BY: Ashfaq Ishaq F O C U S I N An Invitation to Repair the World A rts-based interventions that motivate students from the inside, fostering their creativity and imbuing it with empathy, can bring peaceful resolutions to conflicts and celebrations of diversity. This overarching objective of the International Child Art Foundation (ICAF) is operationalized through the Arts Olympiad, the world's largest art program for children in which you are invited to participate at no charge. Empathy Imbuement Human creative development comes with two quirks: First is the well- doc umented "fourth-grade slump" that poses the risk of diminishing cre- ativity and which students can over- come through arts education. Second is the idea that creativity alone is "morally neutral" and can result in Machiavellian terrorism or cutting- edge Ponzi schemes. When creativity is imbued with empathy, it turns posi- tive and advances human civilization. Empathy has its roots in art. The word is derived from the German term einfühlung (literally "feeling into" something), which can describe what a beholder might feel when viewing a painting. The aesthetic pleasure from the art arises from tak- ing in, or "feeling into," the work. Empathy is hence a vicarious experi- ence of the feelings of others, and at its finest, those of one's enemy. The Arts Olympiad The Sixth Arts Olympiad (2017–2020) commences in classrooms this year with lesson plans that can take two When creativit s imbued with empath , it turns positive and advances human civilization. to four sessions to complete. Con- nections are made between art and sports as students are introduced to the artist-athlete ideal of the creative mind and healthy body—mens sana in corpore sano. To inspire students to embrace this ideal, a school art contest for students ages 8 to 12 is organized on the theme "My Favorite Sport," which excites young athletes to make art and draws young artists into physical activity. The self-image as artist-athlete solidi- fies when students create personal works of art, transforming the class into creative, empathic artist-athletes. Exhibition Competition Schools arrange exhibitions, often in cooperation with area schools that are also participating in the Olympiad. Prominent cultural and educational leaders as well as student representa- The Arts Ol mpiad Exhibition on the Ellipse at the World Children's Festival. 38 JANUARY 2017 SchoolArts CONTINUED ON PAGE 41.

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