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32 JANUARY 2017 SchoolArts H I G H S C H O O L S ince my world has been recently shaken by the sudden and unex- pected deaths of several loved ones, my approach to teach- ing has shifted. I feel less of a need to control outcomes, presumably because I realize how illusory our feelings of control are. And I am willing to be even more experimen- tal, a shift that I attribute to a feeling of freedom related to experiencing great loss. An Unrestricted Challenge So far this year, in all of the classes that I teach, I have yet to repeat a challenge from years past. Creating everything anew seems to work for both me and my students, with results that are more divergent and less predictable than in the past. It is against this backdrop that "Seeing through You" was born. I came across a lot of overhead transparen- cies during a recent and overdue office purge. At around the same time, a colleague suggested I might find an affinity with the work of Jason Watson; it resonated so strongly with me that I used Watson's work as a journal prompt for my AP Studio class. It occurred to me that I could borrow from his approach to image-making to inspire a new creative challenge that would incorporate the transparencies. Parameters of the Challenge I left much about the challenge unrestricted, ask- ing and answering my own question, "Why am I being open-ended? Because this is an AP course, and I want you to think, struggle, problem solve, experiment, explore, and make it all work in the Seeing Betsy DiJulio through You Julianna Dedominick, grade eleven.

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