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16 JANUARY 2017 SchoolArts Disproportioned Portraits Once students figured out which emotion they wanted to draw, they set to creating portraits. During this time we discussed the different proportions of the face and how it is balanced. We encouraged students to distort these A s the art teacher and the school counselor, we try to join efforts each year to create a lesson that will cover both of the curriculums and connect with our students in a different way. This year we decided to create "emotion portraits." During early adolescence, many students have difficulty sharing emotions in front of their peers. This project enables them to each choose a feeling and express it through art. Starting with a Story We began by reading The Way I Feel (Parenting Press, 2000), written and illustrated by Janan Cain. The story covers a wide range of emotions and contains illustrations of people who are feeling them. We discussed some of these emotions on a personal level and asked students to find a partner and discuss some of the emotions they were feeling at that moment. Expressing Emotion Students really opened up to one another. We were amazed at the con- versations they were having and how in-depth they were going into their feelings. Some students chose to share their personal stories with the class, and that made everyone else feel more comfortable expressing their own. Students looked once again to their partners, this time making faces and expressing to one another visually what they felt the emotions looked like. By doing this, students were able to determine which emotion they wished to portray in their artworks. proportions in different ways to better portray the emotion they chose. Considering Color Coloring the faces was a fun process for students. They enjoyed consider- ing which colors might match the Melanie Robinson and Mimi Kauffmann Man tudents who were having an especiall motional moment in their personal lives appeared to have found an outlet in this project.

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