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STATEMENT OF OWNERSHIP—MANAGEMENT AND CIRCULATION Required by the Act of Congress of August 12, 1970. (Section 3, 685, Title 39, United States Code) 1. SchoolArts. 2. Publication number 0036-6463 3. Filed this October 12, 2016. 4. Published monthly—September through July. 5. No. of issues published annually, ten. 6. Annual subscription price, $24.95. 7. and 8. 50 Portland Street, Worcester, MA 01608 9. Publisher, Julian Wade 50 Portland Street, Worcester, MA 01608; Editor, Nancy Walkup, 2 Monte Alto Place, Santa Fe, NM, 87508; Managing Editor, Julia McCandless, 50 Portland Street, Worcester, MA 01608. 10. That the owner is Davis Publications, Inc., 50 Portland Street, Worcester, MA 01608 11. There are no bondholders, mortgagees, and other security holders owning or holding 1 percent or more of total amount of bonds, mortgages, or other securities. 15.— 15. Average No. Copies Each Issue During Preceding 12 Months Single Issue Nearest to Filing Date A. Total No. Copies (Net Press Run) 12,150 10,000 B. (1) Mailed Outside-County Paid Subscriptions (Include paid distribution above nominal rate, advertiser's proof copies, and exchange copies) None None B. (2) Mailed In-County Paid Subscriptions (Include paid distribution above nominal rate, advertiser's proof copies, and exchange copies) 7,387 6,710 C. Total Paid and/or Requested Circulation (Sum of 15b(1) and 15b(2) 7,387 6,710 D. (1) Free or Nominal Rate Outside-County Copies 703 1030 D. (4) Free or Nominal Rate Distribution Outside the Mail 2,646 771 E. Total Free Distribution (sum of and 15d. (1) and (4)) 3,349 1,801 F. Total Distribution (sum of 15c. and 15e.) 10,736 8,511 G. Copies not Distributed 1,414 1,489 H. Total (Sum of 15f. and 15g.) 12,150 10,000 I. Percent Paid and/or Requested Circulation (15c. divided by 15f. times 100) 69 79 16. A. Requested and Paid Electronic Copies 26,620 26,857 B. Total Paid Print Copies + Paid Electronic Copies (sum of line 15c. and 16a.) 34,007 33,567 C. Total Print Distribution (sum of line 15f. and 16a.) 37,356 35,368 D. Percent Paid (both print & electronic copies) (16b. divided by 16c. times 100) 91 95 I certify that the statements made by me above are correct and complete. JULIAN WADE, Publisher Advertiser Page Advertiser Page AMACO 45, CIII Bailey 16 Blick CIV Davis Publications CII, 7 Handy Art 44 Kiss-Off 41 L&L Kilns 2 NAEA 13 Nasco 4 SchoolArts 11, 44 Skutt 1 Advertiser Index UNCF 43 VocabulArte 15 The SHOP Bailey 46 Blick 46 Chavant 46 Nasco Arts & Crafts 46 Royalwood Ltd. 47 Skutt Kilns & Potter's Wheels 47 Triarco Arts & Crafts 47 Youth Art Month 47 Get Published! Write for SchoolArts! SCHOOLARTSMAGAZINE.COM 41 THE ORIGINAL K iSS-OFF ® Stain Remover Before you throw it away... try Kiss-Off! "I had gotten blue oil paint on one of my fall coats... I felt like I should give Kiss-Off ® a try and lo and behold no more dried on oil paint! My jacket was saved." ~Malissa Removes: Ink · Oil Paint · Grease · Makeup · Blood · Lipstick · Coffee · Red Wine · Grass Stains & More Ideal for Classroom, Travel & Art Studio MADE IN THE USA Go to WritersGuidelines for information. Author benefits include: • free one- ear print and digital subscription • up to six free copies of the issue in whic our article was published • Honorarium of up to $100 per article • tw ears of access to Davis Digital B e s o c i a l w i t h u s !

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