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December 2016

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SCHOOLARTSMAGAZINE.COM 33 Even though there is certainly an ease of use with the apps we explore, it is important to know that students need considered lesson design to reveal opportunities to work between the opaque and transparent, to leverage surface texture, and a wide variety of expressive marks are generally the result of facilitated inquiry. Terrific Tracing Working over a photograph in this way gives students an opportunity to really learn to look. Tracing over parts of the face is an engaging way to spend time purposefully explor - ing shape and form. This task also p resents a valuable starting point for some of the less creatively confident learners—they are off and tracing, rather than worrying about their first marks on a blank page. But it's not so easy; you'll see that students will need to think through the process of image construction as they follow contours, manipulate the opacity of layers, use a variety of digi- tal tools to create expressive marks, and select colors that communicate. Extending the Toolbox I'm sure you'll see the potential to go even further by working with color theory or selective palettes. What about diving deeper into value by really looking to capture tonal changes in highlights and shadows? You could also capture a variety of lighting styles to create mood or expression in the original images and push those around. Add patterns, combine animal features with faces, etc. Of course, get app-happy and add filters or print out the image and work on the hard copy. T his kind of task leverages the creative potential of digital drawing tools and provides an opportunity for students to extend their art-making toolbox. Cathy Hunt is an educational consultant, presenter, author, visual art teacher, and an Apple Distinguished Educator working with a 1:1 iPad classroom for diverse stu- dents in years 6 –12 at St. Hilda's School in Queensland, Australia. Twitter @ art_cathyhunt W E B L I N K

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