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November 2016

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800•447•8192 Alliance for Young & Writers Artists Visit to request a FREE sale flyer! 800.447.8192 fall 2016 $4.98 Blick Student Tempera see page 8 Blick Essentials Tempera see page 8 Blick Premium Tempera see page 9 $3.29 $7.93 B E S T G O O D B E T T E R Save up to 45% AS LOW AS AS LOW AS AS LOW AS A QUART A QUART A QUART FREE SHIPPING on orders of $49 or more. See page 47 for details. Request a FREE sale flyer! Step 1: Create a tile for tessellation using the process described at Using a metal scratch-art tool, add details to the tile. Step 2: Add light colors to the tile plate with watersoluble pastels. On damp paper, make a print using a baren to apply pressure. Step 3: Fill the paper with tessellating prints using the transparency of the plate to create proper placement with no gaps or overlaps. Step 4: Clean the tile plate and repeat with more color. Brush water lightly over the first print before applying, and register the second print using the transparency of the plate. Inkless Tessellation Prints Lesson Plan for Grades 5-12 FREE lesson plans and video workshops at For students of all ages! Think printmaking requires ink? Think again! A tessellation is a geometric that repeats without overlapping or leaving negative space between repetitions — think of the prints created by M.C. Escher. This transparent plate can be cut with scissors and scratched with a design before "inking" with watersoluble crayons to make tessellating, multi-colored images!

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