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November 2016

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Table Themes We began the project by viewing and discussing the artwork of Claes Old - enburg, Ron Mueck, and other artists who create large-scale and small-scale sculptures. Next, students brain- stormed ideas for various table themes: breakfast foods, junk foods, desserts, Thanksgiving, tea parties, etc. Stu - dents also brainstormed ideas for non- food items that might be included on the table, such as dishes, cups, menus, napkins, and newspapers. Table-Sculpting Students sculpted their table items with clay. During this process, I emphasized proper hand-building techniques such as wedging and scor- ing. The completed clay pieces were bisque-fired. During their next class, students painted the fired clay pieces with acrylic paint. I encouraged them to mix their own colors to more accu- rately replicate the items instead of using colors straight from the bottles. I also emphasized the inclusion of details in their painting in order to create interest in their artworks. Setting the Table Students constructed their tables with various recycled items, such as plastic lids and soda caps. These were secured with glue and spray-painted. Students used glue to attach the com- pleted food items to the tabletops. Finally, each student created a carpet by decorating a fabric square with colored markers. These were secured under the completed tables with white school glue. The resulting projects were tiny, but terrific! Janice Corsino is the visual arts specialist at Le Jardin Academy in Kailua, Hawaii. janice.corsino N A T I O N A L S T A N D A R D Connecting: Relating artistic ideas and work with personal meaning and external context. W E B L I N K S Mueck One glance at these miniature sculptures was all the inspiration I needed for a new art lesson. Shane, grade 4.

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