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November 2016

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E L E M E N T A R Y A s an art teacher, you learn to find inspiration for projects and lessons in both ordinary and extraordinary places. In one such instance, I was immersed in the world of the ordinary—grocery shopping with my five-year-old twin daughters. As we passed a small dis - play of toys strategically placed next to the cereal aisle, my daughters were instantly drawn to tiny figurines shaped like various food items, such as cupcakes and fruit. One glance at these miniature sculptures was all the inspi - ration I needed for a new art lesson. Tiny Tables, Big Concepts Prior to this revelation, I had been searching for a new way to present the concepts of contrast, scale, and pro- portion to my fourth-grade students. These little food figurines were the answer; I would have my students create Tiny Tables—miniature clay sculptures of food and food-related items. Through this project, students would be able to demonstrate their understanding of the desired art con- cepts while also allowing them to practice basic ceramic hand-building techniques. TINY Janice Corsino TABLES Giovanni, grade 4. Monty, grade 4.

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