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October 2016

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WHY BUY AN L&L? The smooth, hard surface of the inside ceramic channel allows the elements to expand and contract freely. No pins! This prevents catastrophic element failure. Elements do not droop out of broken firebrick channels. The dense ceramic DynaGlow holders extend element life because they do not insulate the hot elements from the kiln interior. Elements will not droop out in an L&L Kiln. Moving elements will not break the firebrick on an L&L Kiln. There are no pins like this in an L&L kiln. Stop worrying about loading your kiln! Load with confidence. You won't damage the fragile firebrick, touch dangling elements, or damage the protected thermocouples. HARD CERAMIC ELEMENT HOLDERS - KEY TO L&L'S DURABILITY "L&L Kilns are tough enough to make this possible." says Tracy Rosof-Petersen of EarthArtist Clay Studio 505 Sharptown Road • Swedesboro, NJ 08085 Phone: 800-750-8350 • Fax: 856.294.0070 • L&L Kiln's patented hard ceramic element holders protect your kiln.

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