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October 2016

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Janice Corsino 40 OCTOBER 2016 SchoolArts Naturally E L E M E N T A R Y I ncreasingly, art and classroom teachers are partnering to inte - grate the arts with other subject areas in order to enrich their curriculum and improve student learning. Fortunately, these teach - ers and administrators are realizing that a curriculum that integrates art with other subjects allows students to make conceptual connections across disciplines; engages differ - ent learning modalities; and creates active, engaged learners. This lesson is the product of such a partnership between me and a team of third- grade teachers at Le Jardin Academy. Early in the school year, the school's third-grade teachers and I began working on a lesson that would integrate the visual arts with a unit on geography. For the geography por- tion of the lesson, students would learn about landforms and the human impact on the natural environment. For the visual arts portion, students would explore various coloring and shading techniques. Two in One We created a lesson that would illus- trate the transformational relationship between the natural and built envi - ronments by merging two images into one. The first image would be a draw - ing of simple landforms representing the natural environment, while the second image would be a drawing of the human impact on the environ - ment (i.e., homes, roads, and bridges). The second image would be drawn Emma, grade three. John, grade three.

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