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24 OCTOBER 2016 SchoolArts TRI-COLOR CREATURES H I G H S C H O O L T his past year for my Ceramics 2 class, I made it a goal to have a color theory unit that focused on glazes. This was challenging because the colors of glazes often come out differently than what students expect, but my students made some really amazing pieces using a dripping process to apply the glazes. An Ancient Art Form This project was inspired by ancient earthen- ware clay Chinese horse sculptures that were embellished with three colored sancai glazes, an art form associated with the Tang Dynasty (618–907 AD). These glazes were lead-based. Copper was mixed with lead oxide for a green color, iron for yellowish- brown, and manganese and cobalt for blue. When fired, the three colors dripped Caroline Nay Jasmyne Mendoza

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