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and covers two buildings. When plan- ning tasks, I considered the layout. I included specific tasks in areas such as the portrait gallery, which is on the far side of the West Building, and a few tasks all the way in the East Building. This ensured that students had to cover most of the museum's galleries to complete the hunt. I wanted them to look beyond the sur- face and tasks such as "Find a sculp- ture made of a surprising material in a contemporary/modern gallery" did that by asking students to analyze the artwork they were viewing. Enjoyment, Engagement I planned tasks that I hoped would be enjoyable for students. The first thing I thought of was the face-swapping filter on Snapchat; I knew students would love using it in the museum. I Melissa Purtee Planning a Museum Scavenger Hunt T H E O P E N A R T R O O M CONTINUED ON PAGE 54. C an a trip to a museum include student choice? Yes, it can, and it might be a better trip because of it! I wanted to create a museum experi - ence for my high-school students t hat required them to interact with the museum's collection in a fun and personal way, so I created a scavenger hunt for them to complete on our trip to the North Carolina Museum of Art. To plan my scavenger hunt, I thought about three questions: What do I want my students to see on our trip? What can make the scavenger hunt fun and engaging? How can I facilitate a personal connection between students and the artwork? Integrating Technology One thing teens tend to love is tech- nology. I love letting them use it for learning because it's engaging and the way it's shared often makes keeping track of work easier. For the scavenger hunt, I required photo evidence of each task—"pics or it didn't happen" in teen speak. Students used Twitter to share these pictures by tweeting them to my school account. This gave me access to the images they took, giving me a quick way to check that tasks were completed. Of course, not every student has a smartphone and a Twitter account, so I only required one phone per group. Being Specific I wanted students to get an overview of NCMA's extensive collection, which spans from ancient to modern Students were asked to strike a pose and take a photo with a favorite sculpture. Art Museum Trip Scavenger Hunt Directions: Complete each activit wit our group, then tweet a pic collage to @artofapex. West Building • Find a sculpture made of a surprising material in a c ontemporar /modern galler . • Face swap with a historical figure in the portrait galler . • Find a man bab n the European section! • Strike a pose lik our favorite sculpture (an galler ). • Find a severed head or a dead animal (an galler ). • Take a picture of ar ou would want i our home (an aller ). East Building • Find two artworks with planes (hint, look up). • Find ar ou love b C artist. The most important thing I wanted students to take awa from our trip was finding work the onnected to. 12 OCTOBER 2016 SchoolArts

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