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PAGE SPONSORED BY: T he idea was simple: Take square pieces of paper and create pin- wheels. As part of the creation p rocess, write thoughts about war, peace, tolerance, and harmony on one side, and on the other side, draw, paint, and collage to visually express your feelings. Assemble these pinwheels, and on International Day of Peace (September 21), "plant" the pinwheels outside at schools, muse - ums, and the like as a public statement and art installation. The spinning of the pinwheels in the wind will spread thoughts and feelings about peace throughout the world. In the Beginning In March 2005, we presented our Pinwheels for Peace project at the National Art Education Association Convention in Boston and invited our audience to check out our website. (See Web Links.) Upon returning from the workshops, there were hun - dreds of "joining the project" emails w aiting for us. The enthusiasm was as amazing as it was contagious! Art teachers who joined the project then spread the word to other teachers, their scout groups, their churches, and to their families and friends. The project grew by leaps and bounds. How We've Grown It's amazing how in five years a simple idea grew into an international project with millions of participants. More than ten years after its creation, the project has grown to three million pin - wheels spinning in more than thirty- s even countries around the world. Throughout the years, we've heard wonderful stories of what the project has done for art advocacy, and how it has united students, schools, and communities. The Pinwheels for Peace project has become the event of the year in many schools and has also become part of anti-bullying and anti- violence campaigns. 10 Days of Peace Pinwheels for Peace has also led us to create the "10 Days of Peace" move- ment. Beginning on September 11, we c reate powerful multi-day experiences and activities with a focus on peace in our school and community. Each day brings a different focus on peace to our student body, and is the start of a year-long campaign for caring and compassion. Afterwards, our students seem more considerate and have a bet - ter understanding of one another. After the 10 Days of Peace, we celebrate our dreams and diversity when we join millions of others around the world in planting our Pinwheels for Peace. Please join us every year on the International Day of Peace as we make a visual public statement about peace with Pinwheels for Peace. Ann Ayers and Ellen McMillan are the founders of Pinwheels for Peace. info @ W E B L I N K Ann Ayers and Ellen McMillan It's amazing how in fiv ears a simple idea grew into an international project. Whirled Peace F O C U S I N 40 SEPTEMBER 2016 SchoolArts

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