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September 2016

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Susan Luckow 36 SEPTEMBER 2016 SchoolArts M I D D L E S C H O O L T he beginning of the school year is a big transition for middle-school students, so I want their first art project with me to be exciting and, most of all, successful. This lesson empha - sizes that we're all made from the same matter as stars (atoms) and, like stars, we all have the ability to shine. It was inspired by the Moby song, "We Are All Made of Stars." A Symphony of Science I begin by showing students a short video, Symphony of Science, hosted by Carl Sagan. It emphasizes our connection to the universe and how atoms can come together in a variety of ways. Next, students view the periodic table of elements. I point out that everything is connected by the ele- ments and that, like atoms, art comes together in a variety of ways. Every one of us has an artist within us who is capable of making art. We end by watching the music video for "Teardrop," by Massive Attack. The video uses images taken from the Hubble Space Telescope and manipulates them by mirroring and fracturing them. Designing Stars After the videos are shared and dis- cussed, the creative process of design- ing stars begins. This involves basic measuring skills, using lightly drawn lines for measuring and sketching out ideas, and identifying and using warm and cool colors in groups of three to create repetition in a design. Stu- dents explore using markers to create the illusion of texture. Some choose organic designs while others prefer geometric ones. Once the stars are sketched, stu- dents fill in the different areas of their design using three repeating colors, either warm or cool. They begin on the outside edge of each shape and move towards the center. We Are Made of STARDUST David, grade seven, Drawing 3D Space. Ever ne of us has an artist within us who is capable of making art.

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