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September 2016

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SCHOOLARTSMAGAZINE.COM 21 Shapes and Colors Shapes and colors can be combined for mixed emotional values. For example, a heart is a combination of circles and a triangle. • Triangles are associated with sharp objects like swords or br e considered aggressive, dangerous, and unbalanced. • Squares are associated with constructive ideas, like building. e stable, strong, dependable, and at times monoto- nous. Making the square into a rectangle can break up that . • Circles are associated with soft shapes like balloons or e consider . • Red is associated with anger and aggression. • Orange is associated with a lesser form of aggression, such as tackle football. • Y , and childlike. • Green is a color of growth and often indicates freshness. . It is vast, cool, quenching, life-giving, and positive. • Purple is peaceful, calm, and quiet. of heaviness and matter. • Br , and a color of potential growth, possibilities, new beginnings, or ends. • Mixing colors will give new meanings and associations to them, and so will using color patterns.

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