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September 2016

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W hen you love art like I do, you walk around with whole bags of marbles in your pockets th at you jingle with your hands and heart rather than your head, where most people's marbles stay in the first place. You ponder "Are my opinions significant enough to live by them?" and you hold pastels and charcoal in your shoes to leave colored footprints wherever you go hoping someday someone will trace them all the way back and be more inspired. And you wonder when you grow up what you are going to be as you see people lining up for nursing and engineering to make lots of money and you stand in your corner and ask yourself, "Can I truly make it in between my doodling and my crazy tastes— do I even dare to try?" and if you choose to follow the sound of your marbles in your heart and hands you are made fun of. "You can't make it in this day and age with art." "An art degree? You are wasting your time and money." When you love art like I do you go to college with weak knees and a fumbling heart majoring in art education worrying what your future is going to be and if you are lucky, you find a teacher who can see it in your eyes and can tell you that you aren't alone and that in twenty years you will have grown in confidence while others will look back and realize that they made money but not memories. She will look you in the eyes and tell you that you will have left your colors smeared on sticky fingered children with bright eyes asking the same questions at the age of seven, "Ms. Hall? What am I going to be when I grow up if I like art, too?" and you will tell them, "Whatever you want to be." and sit down and draw them a heart and a pair of hands full of marbles and tell them to follow the jingle of them all their life. They will draw their own colors from yours and carry their own jingle and if you love art like I do, you will have left them with their own pastel and charcoal footprints to leave behind and they will have left you inspired at your own. Maya Hall is a student teacher at Northern Arizona University. sh764 @ Maya Hall When You Love Art Like I Do . . . P O I N T O F V I E W Image credit: iStockPhoto 16 SEPTEMBER 2016 SchoolArts

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