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SCHOOLARTSMAGAZINE.COM 37 Advertiser Page Advertiser Page AMACO 44–CIII Apple Subway Tours 37 Bailey 40 Blick CIV Davis Publications CII 4 14 39 Dinner Party Institute, The 42 Kiss Off 37 L&L Kilns 39 NAEA 2 Nasco Arts & Crafts 11 PCF Studios 37 Royalwood 37 Skutt 1 United Way 7 The SHOP Davis Publications 41 Nasco 41 SCAD 41 Youth Art Month 41 Advertiser Index to make the parts blend seamlessly. As the project evolved, students became more and more enthusiastic. The 3D flowers on the pillows were created by rolling canvas pieces, then painting, cutting, and gluing them together using tacky glue. Students decided that the finish coat for the couch would be thin layers of inter- ference acrylic to add an unexpected shimmer to the overall piece. The couch was given as a gift to the school counselor so she could offer a special place for visitors to sit in her office. The Chair The van Gogh painting was originally a $9 dark blue chair in need of some inspiration and TLC. Students painted ultramarine blue acrylic directly over the dark blue fabric. One student In New York City, you know there's great art above ground. But are you aware of the great art below ground? Our tours of the extraordinary art available throughout the NYC sub way system are educational and entertaining. And we offer a special discount for art students and teachers. Visit our website for details. NYC Underground Art Tours Apple Subway Tours S THE ORIGINAL K iSS-OFF ® Stain Remover Before you throw it away... try Kiss-Off! Ideal for Classroom, Travel & Art MADE IN THE USA Removes: Oil Paint · Grease · Makeup Blood · Lipstick · Coffee · Red Wine Grass Stains & More "I had gotten blue oil paint on one of my orange fall coats the semester before I even found out about Kiss-Off ® . As soon as I picked it up, I felt like I should give it a try and lo and behold no more dried on oil paint! My jacket was saved." ~Malissa CONTINUED ON PAGE 37. CANVASES couch with two slightly thinned lay- ers of gesso. I waited a full two days between applications to make sure that the inner stuffing was dry. I then sat on the couch to see if the primer would crack with movement and weight. When it did not, I decided to give the idea a try. I asked each student to pick a sec- tion of the couch he or she liked. One student chose an arm, another the seat, and another wanted the top. I wanted my fifth-grade gifted and talented students to experience the act of painting with acrylic on can- vas, and to interpret the artworks of famous artists (an essential part of the curriculum) in a new and innova- tive way. Inspired by some modestly priced upholstered furniture I came across at a local thrift shop, I decided that students would use furniture as their canvas. The shape and design of the couch reminded us of Claude Monet's Water Lilies, and the wing- back chair reminded us of Vincent van Gogh's Starry Night. The Couch I had never attempted this project before but decided that the basic concept of painting on primed fabric might be similar to primed stretched canvas. To save time, I prepared the Emily Moll student chose an arm, another the seat, and another wanted the top. We discussed foreground, middle ground, and background, and how Monet attempted to create a sense of depth with the size and shape of the imagery. One very ambitious and excited student lightly sketched an overall outline on the couch with a few simple pencil marks. Students began to paint using both tube and student-grade acrylic paint. I encouraged them to use undiluted paint in thin layers. We discovered that the paint dried quickly and would flex without cracking. Students observed as each area of the couch started to evolve. The process of painting became more collaborative as they discussed how Photography by Blake Hendrickson. 34 MAY 2016 SchoolArts A L L L E V E L S The shape and design of the couch reminded us of Claude Monet's Water Lilies, and the wingback chair reminded us of Vincent van Gogh's Starry Night. CONTINUED FROM PAGE 34. lightly sketched out the overall design of The Starry Night in white chalk pencil. She then used acrylic in vary- ing textures to create an innovative response to interpreting van Gogh's work. The final embellishment was the addition of glitter fabric puff paint to add a 3D quality to the painted sur- face. The chair will now be my "art throne" where I will read and share stories with my students. Emily Moll is visual arts specialist at Harriet Beecher Stowe School in Bruns- wick, Maine. emoll@ brunswick.k12.

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